Granular synth/sampler plugin

I’ve been fascinated by granular synthesis for years but I never found a satisfactory plugin to explore it – I wanted full automation in my DAW, preset recall, and tools to ‘play’ the stream of grains expressively.

So I built it myself. Or more accurately, I am building it myself. The Mangle is beta software, but if you want to help me test, you can buy at the discounted beta price. There’s more info in this blog post.

Help me build the granular synth I’ve been dreaming of.


  • Mac AU & VST, Windows VST. 32/64bit on both platforms.
  • OS X Snow Leopard 10.6+ or Windows 7+ required.
  • I will endeavour not to break presets as development continues, but I can’t guarantee it.
  • The beta ships with only a very small number of presets, just for demonstration.
  • There is no trial version for now, you can buy the beta or wait for the trial with version 1.0.

Animated granular display

Visualize your grain stream. Individual grains move across the waveform in real time. Amplitude, pitch and envelope are also represented.

Drag & drop modulation

Creating new modulations is easy – just drag the modulator to its target, then set the amount with in-place markers showing changes.

Resizable vector interface

The Mangle’s interface is rendered dynamically as vectors – resize it with no loss in quality. Handy for live performance.

Dual sequencers

The Mangle is also great for making rhythmic patterns. A pair of sequencers can be used to modulate any parameter.

Multiband waveform display

Quickly and easily see where high, mid and low frequencies are in your audio, for clearer sound setup and tweaking.


Each instance of the plugin has 8 full ‘slots’ each with their own audio & parameters. Map them to any MIDI range for multi-timbral patches.

Version beta | Plug-in Home Page

The X50 is a digital emulation of a famous US guitar amp. Because two almost similar amps were made both red channels are modeled. The green channel is modeled after the first amp.

You can’t go wrong with this amp for rock and metal!

    •  TSE808 – The very popular screamer emulation now updated with improved even-harmonics etc.
    •  TSE X50 v2.0 – Hi-gain guitar amplifier completely re-modeled with new interconnecting algorithms!
    •  RACK – Tuner / Delay / Equalizer – Essential tools for getting that quick, good tone.
    •  Power Tubes – Select between using 6L6GC or EL34 pentode models.
    •  BIAS – Use the bias control to set the operating-point that suits you most. (Power Amp)
    •  Oversampling – Oversampling from to 2X to 8X + Automatic oversampling from 2X to 4X / 4X to 8X.
    •  Input Learn – Set your input-gain to a preferred setpoint automatically.
    •  Lower cpu usage.
    •  Zero-latency IR-loader with adjustable IR length.
    •  IR Analyzer – Compare IR length vs frequency response in a graphical way!
    •  User IR Directory – Point X50 to your own IR collection.
    •  Movement Control – Poweramp to speaker emulation including your favorite IR into it’s process.
    •  Gate – A custom noise gate with adjustable Threshold / Attack / Release.
    •  DaFuk Tuner – High precision tuner for low-tuned guitars.
    •  King-Pong – Pong and asymmetric stereo delay.
    •  Aqualaser – Equalizer with HP/LP, Lowshelf/Highshelf, peakfilter.
  •  Zero-latency and topology preserving modeling throughout the entire signal chain.
  •  Included IR’s from Frozen Sun Audio, Trackmix Studio, GuitarHack, and Ryan Harvey Audio.
Version 2.0.1 | Plug-in Home Page | 29,9€ until March 8 2014

The Waves Scheps 73 is a colorful 3-band EQ modeled on the classic 1073 console’s EQ and mic preamp module and developed in association with world-renowned mixing engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, Lana Del Ray, Metallica, Jay-Z.)

Empowered by Waves cutting-edge technologies, the Scheps 73 EQ features interrelated bands that adhere to the 1073’s original specs and precisely emulate its behavior: a fixed 12kHz high-frequency band, switchable low and midrange bands with cut and boost controls, and an 18dB/octave high-pass filter. Additionally, for the first time ever, a little-known 10kHz midrange band discovered in the original 1073 schematics but operable only on the rare 1078 channel strip has been modeled and incorporated into the plugin. And to top it all off, the Waves MS matrix has been added to let you apply different equalization to mid and side stereo content.

Using innovative procedures to model the acclaimed Marinair transformer, Waves has meticulously captured all the sonic characteristics of the 1073, including its harmonic distortion. These overtones were tweaked to perfection by Andrew Scheps himself, resulting in beautiful and authentic saturations.

Whether used for recording, mixing or mastering, Scheps 73 lets you enjoy all the warm tones of a fabled piece of studio hardware, in-the-box!

  • Developed in association with world-renowned mixing engineer Andrew Scheps
  • Based on the classic 1073High, mid and low interrelated bands and a high-pass filter
  • Beautiful saturations and harmonic distortion
  • Exclusive 1078 / 10kHz midrange band
  • MS matrix: Apply different EQ to mid and side stereo content
Version 9.0.2 | Plug-in Home Page | on sale 99$

Wolfgang Palm is pleased to announce the PPG WaveGenerator for Mac OS X and Windows. The PPG WaveGenerator first appeared as an iOS App and received widespread acclaim from public and press alike.

Computer Music said “One of the best, most professional synths on iPad, Wavegenerator will knock the socks off PPG fans and newcomers alike.”

Sound on Sound said “PPG WaveGenerator may be an app, but it is as powerful as any VI you’ll have on your desktop. This implementation of wavetable synthesis is as fresh and exciting as the day its predecessor was introduced.”

Now the same great synth takes advantage of the additional power found on desktop and laptop computers to allow users to use this as a in their favourite Mac and PC DAW as a 64 or 32 bit VSTi. AU is to planned to follow shortly.

The PPG WaveGenerator comes with a multitude of wavetables. The sound material contains the typical sounds from the original PPG wave models, as well as many new sounds generated by versatile analysis tools and also hand edited waves.
This plugin enables the user, to create his own wavetables in a playful way, and to hear the result immediately. Also you can construct the waves by adding harmonics very precise.

Another way is to transform a picture into a wavetable. You can load bitmaps via drag & and directly hear the result as wavetable sweep.

The waves are collected in a grid of 256 fields, to which the 3 oscillators of the synthesizer have arbitrary and independent access.

 The Parameters of the synthesizer are divided into modules, which allows easy, yet powerful editing.
It contains 3 oscillators with independent control of pitch and waveform. Each oscillator has its own glide, which gives a very dynamic sound.
With a sophisticated routing system, the diverse modulation sources can be connected to all important control points. The complexity of WaveGenerator is comparable with a modular system.

Key Features:
• Creation of your own waves and wavetables
• Playful sound creation simply by drawing or picking harmonics
• 256 waves assembled within a wave grid
• 3 Audio Oscillators
• 3 Noise generators, for audio and modulations
Classic 24 dB low pass filter, combined with an overdrive simulation.
• Dual amplifier, for versatile control of 2 audio signals as well as panning.
• 13 Envelopes, for control of pitch, waveform, filter, noise, gain, and panning
• 4 LFOs
• Powerful Step Sequencer with playback arpeggiator
Delay/Reverb effect
Audio engine with 2 synthesis modes, and variable wave blending quality.
• Directly accessible context help for each module
Transform pictures into a sound !
Free configurable schematic keypad, with extremely expressive modulation possibilities.
• PPG WaveGenerator comes with more than 300 sounds of all categories, created by our sound designer team.
• Transfer patches from the iPad app to the desktop app.

Mac: VST 64 and 32bit
Windows: VST 64 and 32bit

AU is planned to follow shortly. Other formats are being considered.


Version 2.0 | Plug-in Home Page

Simulate any acoustic environment – from a small room to a warm and dense concert hall with TB Reverb.


TB Reverb is a versatile room acoustic simulation and reverberation algorithm. It provides ample of control to change the simulated room, including frequency-dependent reverberation times, room size and shape controls, variable warmth and cutoff frequencies, and control over wall diffusion.


  • Zero-latency processing, allowing for studio and live operation
  • Support of all sampling rates from 11 to 192 kHz
  • Adjustable room size and shape
  • Separate controls for reverberation time and damping character
  • Adjustable wall diffusion
  • Highly optimized code and low CPU load
Version 3.0 | Plug-in Home Page